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Dear Customer,

online payments are possible through "" as this is a trusted and totally secure payment method for myself and you the customers to use.

Just type In In your search engine e.g. Google Etc, then on their page enter the code for myself, this Is 577536 this will bring you to my page where you can make payment, It's easy and secure.

Thank You

Developed For Window Cleaners By Window Cleaners

PayMyWindowCleaner allows Window Cleaners to accept online payments securely, simply and quickly.

Using 'PayMyWindowCleaner' to receive payments online makes the whole payment process much easier for both parties.

Customers can pay securely anytime (even from their mobile phone) using a credit or debit card - even if they don't use online banking.

You are provided with a unique code that you the customer will use to identify me when you visit the site to pay (you don't logon - you just need my code)

My own personal page will then pop up with some details about myself and what i do.

You the customer will then enter your details and the amount you wish to pay and will be directly transferred to a secure payment page where you can complete the payment.

We will then both be sent email notification creating a record that payment has been made.

(Direct payment is also possible through paypal if you have a paypal account, using the email address )

Other Payment Options

Direct debit link:

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We cover West Yorkshire & the surrounding areas providing a window cleaning service & a specialist uPVC cleaning service for all UPVC doors, windows frames, conservatories, fascias etc...

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Online Payments

You can pay for our services through, click here to find out more.

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